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luni, 7 februarie 2011

Me vs. my ego (II)

welcome back disfunction. sau 'hello darkness my old friend'.
vin de afara, am baut un ceai in curte, in plina ceata, alaturi de vremea care se schimba; ce face ea, vremea? well, it's doing okay, it's planning to (probably) 'let it snow' again.

Me: you know, imperfection is calling me; load and clear!
My ego: ... okey, live by yourself, then. I'm taking a vacation. I'm going to Neverland!
Me: you never asked me to come with you in Neverland, and a vacation sounds really good; necessarily, actually.
My ego: In your world, I'm your Neverland; exclude your soul and let me jump in!
Me: No... quiting smoking was for you; I think I'll keep my soul; heard that it can bring Neverland to me as well.
My ego: Okey; but it doesn't believe in you, Peter Pan!
Me: Maybe, but I always had a thing for Tinker Bell; so, goodbye for now. I hope you and my mental sanity enjoy your trip...

Si a plecat, fara sa stiu cine castiga, defapt...

6 comentarii:

  1. Disfunctionalitatea, prietena noastra draga ce oarecum arrives exactly at the same time at both of us. Nici nu mai stiu cine castiga chiar daca victoria, chipurile, e de partea noastra.

  2. acel 'chipurile' e esential. but still, maybe without the ego...!

  3. help!!! i'm trapped in hell!! please, come save me!!!

  4. :| okey, that freaks me out; now I think it has a will of his own for real!!

  5. it's not like you based most of your actions and decisions in life on me, of course i have a life of my own.